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Tax Lien Investing – The Basic

Tax lien investing is a good strategy if you’re looking for a good interest rate on your invested funds. In some states you can collect interest as high as 18% when the owners of the property for which you hold a lien pay you off- and if you buy the right property, they do usually pay you off (I’ve read statistics that say 95% of all tax liens get paid off before the property is lost to the lienholder). The best way to gamble here if you don’t want to end up with a deed to the property is to bid only on very nice properties. These owners will usually find a way to avoid losing their homes.

Don’t Take the Credit Crunch Rap! We’re all up against it with increasing mortgages, increasing food prices, rapidly rising petrol costs, soaring increases in house, car and pet insurance … and the list goes on…

Doing nothing is not an option. You need to come out fighting my friend. Let me tell you something, there are great ways to make money out there right now. Thousands are seeking the opportunities that the credit crunch creates. It is these people who’ll be sipping the champagne and hoping things get worse. They are certainly not burying their heads in the sand. They’re out there fighting for their slice of the action. That is what you should do too. 
Don’t take the hit – take control.


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